Wednesday, January 18, 2023

 Naming horses! Maybe it was too much coffee...(is there such a thing?.. or more likely not enough), but today my thoughts drifted towards my annual rumination over naming foals. My dear friend and horse breeding mentor, June Danner, always had rather unique names. As the benefactor of a few of those horses, I asked her how she came up with these strange but catchy names. June explained that she loved trashy romance novels and her names often came from these. Picadilly Lily, the full sister to Investment Package and multiple World Champ producer, was a filly I bought from her. It turns out that "Picadilly Lily" was a lady of the evening in one of June's novels. 'Tricks Are Free', a lovely colored daughter of I Gotta Cool Secret, was another purchase. She explained this name was also from one of her novels. It seems the heroine was being insulted by a gentleman telling her, "You are nothing but a cheap whore!" The woman responded, "I am NOT cheap! Tricks are FREE!" Yep, it stuck in June's mind. That's my June. So in June's honor, I barn named Tricks Are Free "June". Now, I've been known to come up with some doozies...Like...I Gotta Cool Package, Sexy N Shameless, Helluva Fella, Yella Pokadot Bikini and Bare Naked (by Too Yella To Streak). However, the double entendre of "Flashn My Assets" was the pure responsibility of his breeder, Naomi Flowers. Is he flashing anatomy? or his stock portfolio? You tell me Naomi! the interest of perpetuating June and Naomi's creativity, I've come up with some name suggestions for all of you that will need names for Flashn My Assets foals in the future. Here goes! Bite My Asset. Kickin Ur Asset. Smart Asset. Gotta Big Asset. Haulin Asset. Beating Ur Asset. Laffin My Asset Off. One Fine Asset. Workin My Asset. Now, you could also key off Flashn. Flashn At The Bar. Flashn My Booty. Uflash I'll Flash. I think I'm on a roll!

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