Sunday, November 20, 2022

 A lifetime or two! John and I have enjoyed the love of breeding horses for a combined total of well over 100 years. Our goal has always been to leave a legacy- one of bettering the industry for future generations. To that end we have defined what we truly value in a breeding horse.

1) Form to function conformation that lends to versatility, soundness and structural longevity
2) Disposition. A pleasant, pleasing disposition and trainability that inspires horse ownership
3) Genetics. The ability to pass good traits forward and freedom from passing genetic defects on
4) Pedigree. A history of consistency in quality and performance and the ability to pass that one, even when outcrossing
5) Record of successful competition at the top levels. It is great to be good, but it is better to prove it
6) Color and breed characteristics that represent the uniqueness of the breed
7) Size that lends itself to versatility and variety of function
8 ) Marketability. If the horse does not garnish the attention of others as well as the market, it will never impact the industry and leave a legacy
We have owned many, many great horses over the years. World Champions. National Champions. World and National Champion producers. Versatile horses. Horses that checked "most" of these boxes. Now, we feel we have finally found our stallion that checks ALL of our boxes. We hope you think so too.

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